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              ABOUT US

              Wish to go hand in hand with the elite of the medical industry

              Medico (huaian) Co., Ltd locates at No.9 South Guangzhou Road,Huaian City,it was founded in year 2004. It works on research and development,production and sale of medical products.

              Our main products are surgical sutures with/without needles,lubrucating jelly,surgical scalpels,blood lancets etc.

              We have advanced and professional electrification process equipments and automatic packaging lines,also many kinds of sophisticated detecting instruments are used to ensure the stability and security of product quality.

              We have standard workshop with 10,000 square meters and class 100,000 clean room with 1200 square meters,also our environment likes garden.

              We have passed ISO13485 quality system certificate,also CE certificate,and we have registered and sold in many European countries,South America,Africa,Asia etc.

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